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Custom Blending Consult

Custom Essential Oil Blending Consult

$180.00 per Blend

If you are looking to expand your line of aromatherapy products, we can help! Tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll design a custom formula to meet your requirements. We are experienced with aromatic blending for all ages, so we can tailor your product to exactly who you want to market to. All of our blends are formulated with the applications you desire for it in mind.


  • 60 minute phone or in person consultation to discuss your requirements for the formula

  • 3 samples to make your selection from

  • Up to 3 reformulations of your chosen sample, if desired

  • Formula and procedure after sample is chosen

  • Product guidelines: tell us what products you plan to use your custom formula in, and we will provide you with suggested aromatic concentrations

All Custom EO Blending Consult inquiries and projects start with a Synergy Consultation. After purchase, we will reach out and schedule your consultation.

Please note that the cost listed is for the Synergy Consultation only. The full cost for your project will be discussed during the consultation. 

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